Escape Room



We are very excited to announce the reopening of Niagara on the Lake's one and only Escape Room Location! 

We now have TWO amazing games for you to choose from, or try BOTH!

The Barbershop

You are part of the "Pinot Noir Gang", a secret underground network in Niagara on the Lake, famous for pulling off high value heists and robberies!  You have heard that behind the closed doors of Tom's Barbershop, there is a secret speakeasy in operation.  You have also heard that on Friday nights they play high stakes poker games, and last Friday one of the ladies lost a priceless diamond ring in one of the poker games.  YOUR MISSION..... is to access the speakeasy, located the diamond, and escape in less than 60 minutes as the police are on their way!

Challenge yourself through our live adventure game which involves solving a series of puzzles and riddles, using a variety of clues, hints and strategies to achieve your objective!  An amazingly fun and interactive experience for any group of 2 - 6 players! 

$25 per person + HST

Minimum 2 People - Maximum 6 people 

Jailbreak - Drunk Tank

A truly unique Escape Room experience.... Challenge not only the room, but some of your friends and family!  

You and your friend have been at the amazing wineries in Niagara on the Lake all day long and its time to go home! Instead of letting Grape Escape Wine Tours drive you home, you decide to grab the keys to your car from the table!  The winery staff have called the police and you have been brought in to sober up overnight. Locked in a jail cell next to your friend, you think you might have away to get out and call a cab so you can sleep in a comfortable bed..... but so does your friend!  Who can escape first and make it back to the hotel??

Solve the puzzles to escape the jail cell.... but can you do it without your friend copying your every move and getting out first!

Play 1 versus 1, or 2 versus 2 in this Quick Fire Escape Room Battle!

$10 per person + HST

Minimum 1 Person - Maximum 4 people 



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