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Good wine comes from a very natural origin and so it’s predictable that, when imbibed in responsible levels, it would have health benefits. Science buffs across the country are well aware of this and as a result, the Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health recommend up to 5 ounces of wine a day can be beneficial to your health. Many of these benefits are related to the action of wine in relation to your heart, the level of antioxidants in your blood and happiness.

Why the Best Vacation in Niagara Is a Winecation
Why the Best Vacation in Niagara Is a Winecation

As home to over 180 wineries in Ontario, Niagara produces approximately 71% percent of the wine made in Canada. Located just a half-hour away from Buffalo, the wine region is filled with depth, diversity, and distinction in grape varietals

Contributution by Jenny Holt

Five Wines of Niagara - Contribution by Harold Camaya
Many would be surprised to know that Canada has had a well-developed viticultural and wine-making business for the past 200 years. The Niagara Peninsula of Ontario is one of the three largest wine producing regions in Canada and has around 100 wineries. In fact, 86% of the vineyards planted in Ontario, in 2012, were in the peninsula region. Although most of the producers in the region are small, the wines are worth getting to know. So let’s take a look at some of the best red and white wines from the Niagara Peninsula region.

Come join us on August 5th!
On Sunday August 5th 2018, Grape Escape Wine Tours will be hosting a very special Afternoon Bicycle Tour. All proceeds will be donated to Meningitis Now UK, whose vision is a future where no one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives. This charity has been a great support to our family who sadly lost a beautiful little girl Lily in November of 2017. Her parents and family are currently petitioning for the meningitis vaccination age to be lowered in the UK, and also to increase awareness and knowledge of symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia. This condition does not discriminate, and can affect everyone, both young and old across the world! Being vigilant and getting medical help quickly can save lives.

Can Wine Tasting Teach You Mindfulness? - By Jenny Holt
A glass of wine is a great way to relax – and 53% of the population agree. With stress levels responsible for 1 in 4 Canadians leaving their jobs, it is important to find healthy ways to unwind while keeping the mind healthy and happy. Mindfulness is one such practice that helps to reduce and manage stress
(Contirbution by Jenny Holt)

Wine & Your Teeth!
Contibution by Jenny Holt....

Drinking Red Wine Can Fight Tooth Decay

A Newsweek report in early 2018 says that a bottle of red wine can stop bacteria from causing tooth decay and it doesn’t matter if you choose to drink a vintage or one that is only a year old. This comes as a welcome surprise among Canadians who have a history of cavities.

 We have an amazing new tour centre!
We have awesome news!

This winter we have been extremely busy making a transition from our previous downtown location at 233 King St in Niagara on the Lake (which we have just closed down) to an awesome new facility!

Our BRAND NEW location at 1627 Niagara Stone Road is the perfect place for all of our tours to begin! We are located just outside the Old Town of Niagara on the Lake on the north side of Virgil. We are directly on the Bicycle Trail which means an extremely safe start to your tour! We have over 7500 sq ft full of Bicycles, Office Facilities and also our unique Gift Store are all located in one convenient place.... and the best news.... we have all the FREE parking you will need!

Come check out the building when you are passing by, and see all the wine accessories, gifts and goodies we have for sale, including brand new lines for the 2018 season (Earth Luxe, Yo Sox, Vacuvin and Baby Llama)

We will still be operating our secondary location at 496 Mississagua St for some of our tours on weekends, so if you do book, please check which location we advise you to meet us at if you don't book a shuttle with us from your hotel.

Simple Hacks To Keep Your Wine Wedding Costs Down
Wines in weddings can cost a significant amount depending on the number of guests and types of alcoholic drinks you are serving.... check out the latest Blog! (Contribution from Jenny Holt)

An Eco-Friendly Way To Taste Wine In Niagara
Check out our latest Blog contribution from Jenny Holt - Bicycle Tours!

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