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Delightful Things To Do When You Visit Niagara on the Lake

Are you planning a weekend getaway in Ontario to see Niagara Falls? Then, make sure you do not miss out on Niagara on the Lake on your itinerary.


If you are curious why you should do so, we have listed eight of the best things you can do while in the area.

Join a Wine Tour


Aside from the world-famous waterfalls, the Niagara region is also well-known for its wine. It is one of those few places where it is warm enough during summers to make red wines and cold enough during the winter season to create ice wine.


If you haven't tried the ice wine yet, then you're missing out. It is usually made from frozen grapes picked by hand during December when temperatures are around -10°C/14°F.


Usually, one of the best places to try ice wine in Ontario. Not a fan of ice wine? Why not have a proper wine tasting experience in Inniskillin? You'd find that these go well with savoury foods like scallops.


There are also many white and red wines such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Gamay Noir.


Currently, there are approximately 39 wineries and several winery restaurants found on Niagara on the Lake. You can also find the country's well-known vineyards nearby. This includes the Peninsular Ridge Estates, Peller Estates, and Creekside Estate.


Horseback Ride Along Quiet Trails


One of the best ways to soak and be in nature is to ride a horse, especially in a protected woodland or forest.


There are a couple of stables in the area that provide rides for both beginners and experts. The horses here are both gentle and majestic, offering an excellent experience to tourists and locals alike.


Horseback riding is also a great activity that you can try if you have kids over ten years old. Make sure that you book this activity beforehand.

Explore Local Hiking Trails


If you brought your hiking poles because you want to do some trekking, the Two Mile Creek Conservation Area has excellent walking trails that you can explore.


You can visit a historical site- a memorial plaque that stands on Colonel Butler's Burial Ground. This person played a vital role in the 181 war and was known as one of Upper Canada's founders.


Similarly, you can also explore the Niagara River Recreation Trail is another excellent place to go hiking. This 53-kilometer trail usually runs from Niagara on the Lake, through Niagara Falls, and to Fort Erie.

Wander Through the Historic Centre


If you are a history junkie, then Niagara on the Lake certainly will not disappoint.


During the 18th century, it was known as the first capital of Upper Canada (now known as Ontario). The town is also easily walkable. You can stroll through Queen Street, Ricardo Street, Front Street, and Prideaux Street.


As you stroll through, make sure you do not miss out on notable attractions. This includes the Old Court House, St Vincent de Paul Church, and of course, the Memorial Clock Tower.

Catch the Sunset at Queens Royal Park


You'd also come across Queens Royal Park and Gazebo just down the Lake and is a perfect spot for relaxing after an entire day of touring.


It can also be an excellent viewing point to look across to Old Fort Niagara in the US across the border on the river's other side.


You'd also come across a picturesque gazebo, originally built as a prop for the Dead Zone movie starring Christopher Walken.

Drop by the Niagara Apothecary


This unassuming place is an authentic museum restoration of a 1969 pharmacy.


This is open daily, even on holidays. The Ontario Heritage Trust owns the National Historic Site. It will transport you almost to a bygone era where small glass vials, lotions, and tonics were known as remedies of choice.

Experience the Shaw Festival


First founded in 1962, this festival is a tribute to the works of Irish Playwright George Bernard Shaw.


Every season, approximately 8-10 plays are done on three festival stages. With world-class actors who perform for more than 250,000 audiences yearly, this is certainly something that you shouldn't miss.

Get Your Afternoon Tea at the McFarland House


This house is one of the region's oldest houses, which dates back to 1800.


Now, their Conservatory Tea Room has become a popular spot to grab that afternoon tea.


What's fantastic about the McFarland House is that the rooms were also restored to their original décor.




Niagara on the Lake has been a popular weekend for travellers and locals alike. For one, it is 30 minutes away from Toronto. Second, it is a great place to relax for history buffs. Nonetheless, it is a great place that offers opportunities for fun and adventure.



Blog Post courtesy of & written by Geraldine Mills


About the Author: Geraldine is a self-confessed wanderlust and loves exploring mountain trails. She specializes in writing tips in choosing the best hiking poles for all hiking junkies.


Photo by Dalma Dioszegi



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