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How will COVID-19 Impact Wine Tours?

How will COVID-19 Impact Wine Tours?

We have lots of people scheduled for tours with us in the upcoming few months.  We the extremely fast paced nature of things evolving we are taking things week by week as we look to monitor the situation and out ability to provide a safe environment for our Wine Tours.


Are you still operating Wine Tours?

We have currently suspended all Vehicle and Bicycle Tours until April 8th 2020. 

We would like to book a tour but are concerned that if we have to cancel we will lose our money and have to pay the cancellation fee?

ALL reservations made between March 1st and May 1st will be 100% refundable if cancelled.

If we book a tour for the summer how many people will I be on Tour with?

Group sizes of tours Sunday - Friday are usually between 4 - 10 people.  On Saturdays the groups can be as large as 14-16 people (although the bigger vehciles are usually booked with Private Tours). In the short term we will be striving to keep group sizes as small as possible.

Can I book a Private Tour for just me and my group?

We do offer Private Tours and will be offering Special Discounts in the short-term, you can request a Private Tour quote by CLICKING HERE to complete a short survey to provide the information we need to send you a Custom Tour Quote

How Often do you Clean & Sanitize the Vehicles?

Our Standard Practice has always been to Power Wash the exterior, Vacuum, and Polish the interior trim daily.  For the coming weeks/months we will also be sanitizing the interior surfaces between tours.

Do you Sanitize the Hand Grips on the Bicycles?

We have always maintained a first class fleet of bicycles and pride ourselves in ensuring that they are always clean for each days tours.  Extra care and attention will be taken for the coming weeks/months to ensure that the hand grips will be sanitized after each use.

Do you and the wineries have handwashing stations?

We do have two handwashing sinks in our main HQ and all of the wineries do have washrooms for handwashing.

Are there lots of people at the locations you visit?

The wineries we go to do get busy on Saturdays, whilst other days of the week are usually much quieter.


Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Essentially we are looking to make every effort possible to provide a safe environment for you to join us on one of our tours this season.  If you are well and healthy and enjoy visiting Niagara Wine Country we would love to see you on one of our tours.

    This is a great time to look to book one of our Bicycle Tours & enjoy riding along country trails & lanes in the beautiful landscape of the countryside.





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