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Your Guide to Wine Gifting

Your Guide to Wine Gifting

Your Guide to Wine Gifting

If you’re going to give a gift, make it a good one. Unfortunately, 56% of Americans received unwanted gifts in 2018 - yikes! Canada’s numbers are a bit more bearable at 32% but still points to unnecessary waste. Don’t make that mistake. Choose a gift everyone loves. Wine makes a great gift whether you’re casually hanging with friends, celebrating a holiday, or ringing in another year around the sun. Make this your go-to wine gifting guide and become everyone’s favorite gift giver.

Why Your Wine Choice is Important

As mentioned above, over half of those who receive gifts don’t care for them. Yet, even more curious is that 7% of gifters knowingly give unwanted gifts. In a time where sustainability is at its peak, it’s important to give the right present - in this case, the right wine -  so your bottle doesn’t get discarded into the regifting pile.

Holiday Celebration

Ugly sweaters and a box of wine are the perfect match. Boxes are easy to carry, won’t shatter, and doesn’t require a corkscrew. And a box of wine doesn’t have to mean low quality - Niagara wine boxes are available in whites and red. To add a bit more flair, cover the outside in wrapping paper or create your own unique design.

Friendly Brunch

Bubbly, anyone? If you're having cured meats, whether in a sandwich or piled high on a plate along with eggs, opt for a fizzy red like a Cabernet Franc ice wine like the 2015 Jackson-Triggs Grand Reserve. If you're craving something a bit sweeter, like pancakes or french toast, try for a Prosecco.

Romantic Anniversary

Nothing says romance like sparkle. Go for a 2012 Henry of Pelham Cuvée Catharine Carte Blanche Estate Blanc de Blanc. This complex wine has all the notes of love; sweet apple, fresh lemon, juicy pear, and pure vanilla make it the perfect wine for such a special celebration right in Niagara.

Meeting the Parents

This event calls for a sweet wine that lasts like the love of the parents you’re so nervous to meet. A neat trick is to ask questions about their history. Bring a bottle produced near to where they met, their honeymoon destination, or favorite vacation. Get a heads up on the meal to best determine a pairing.

Saying Congratulations

Finishing grad school, completing a marathon, promotion at work? Say congrats with an age-worthy wine like 2010 Creekside Estate Lost Barrel Red. It’s produced on the Creekside Estate in the Niagara Peninsula where the blend is left to settle for about 6 years.

Dinner Party Wine

Reds are always well received at dinner parties. Shiraz would be a great option if steak and roasted vegetables are served, while Merlot might be a better choice for roasted chicken, duck or turkey. If a white is your preference, and pairing with a roasted chicken or salmon dish, try a Westcott Chardonnay Lillias Unoaked 2017 produced in the Niagara Penninsula.

Treating Yourself

Nothing wrong with celebrating yourself. Maybe you closed a deal, faced a fear, or finally feel ready to move on from that last heartbreak. Whatever the circumstance, you deserve to treat yourself. If you're splurging on a fancy dinner, might as well get the complimentary wine. Or maybe you feel like binging your favorite show and treating yourself to a fine glass along with some mediocre pizza. Red, White, or Sparkly - make your pick and enjoy.

Whether a special occasion, holiday, or “just because”, gifting is an opportunity to show your thoughtfulness. Taking the time to understand how a bottle of wine can pair with a special event ensures your bottle will be well received. Keep this guide close for those special moments in life when you want to give a thoughtful and impressive gift.

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