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Bicycle Season is coming!

Contribution from Jenny Holt.... Check out more details of safe cycling at the link below!


Tanning and Tannins – Bike Your Way Around Your Next Wine Tour


Are you looking for something a little different on your next Niagara wine tour? Bicycle wine tours offer an exciting and exhilarating alternative to traditional car and bus outings. You can enjoy the great outdoors while you explore local vineyards, sampling ice wines as you cycle through the countryside. 


Why go on a bicycle wine tour?


There's no such thing as a boring wine tour, but cycling from vineyard to vineyard can certainly enhance your tasting experience. Even if you're not an avid cyclist, you can find easy to moderate routes that you can follow. Bicycle wine tours are often small and intimate, allowing you to meet new friends and forge lasting memories.


A fixed itinerary means that you don't have to worry about planning or coordinating your trip, just enjoying yourself as you cycle along the route. You won't have to spend months before your vacation stressing over travel plans and other minor details. Bicycle tours incorporate all of the local gems that an area has to offer in a single afternoon, many of which are easy to miss when planning your own excursion.


Touring local wineries is not just a great way to make new friends, but also a good way to fit some exercise in during your vacation. A single ten to fifteen-minute bike ride between wineries can help you to improve your overall health, and you’ll even burn some calories along the way. You’ll also get a good dose of Vitamin D from the afternoon sun to help build strong bones, and possibly even build a gorgeous base tan.


How can you stay safe during a bicycle wine tour?


Bicycle wine tours are a wonderful alternative to vehicular and pedestrian tours, but you have to be wary of the risks. It's important to always kit yourself out in proper safety gear including a bike light which will make you visible on the roads. Regardless of fashion sentiments, you should always strap on a helmet to protect your skull. This is especially important if you're riding along routes that border roads and highways, as cars pose a significant risk to cyclists.


It's also important to protect your skin and stay hydrated during warm outdoor cycling excursions. If you sign up for a guided winery tour, water is often provided at no charge to prevent overheating and dehydration. You are, however, responsible for skin protection. Make sure to bring a high SPF sunscreen to protect yourself from sun-related damage throughout the day.

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