Chocolate & Cheese Indulgence
Join Grape Escape as we tour some of our favourite locations for this extra special festival taking place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in February!

Icewine Discovery Tour 2023
Niagara on the Lake is a special place at this time of the year. Join us as we guide you to six of our favourite local wineries as you enjoy a delectable food and Icewine pairing at each location.... what better what to spend a winter weekend with friends and family??

Your Guide to Wine Gifting
Your Guide to Wine Gifting

If you’re going to give a gift, make it a good one

Contribution by Jenny Holt

Check out!
Have you ever wanted to buy boutique wines, but you don't feel like traveling to the individual wineries? Have you ever thought about placing an online order at a winery, but not gone through with it because you don't meet the minimum order requirement? Look no further!

Wine & Chocolate??? Yes please!!
The last weekend of Days of Wine & Chocolate is here..... and lets face it, who doesn't love either wine or chocolate, or that perfect combination of BOTH!

The Wineries of Niagara on the Lake showcase a perfect pairing of a chocolate inspired tasty treat and one of their VQA wines!

A Simple Guide To Wine Investing
While investing in wine may seem complex, it’s actually pretty simple. You purchase and store bottles or cases of wine and sell them for profit once the price has appreciated significantly several years later. With adequate research and capital, wine investing is something anyone can do.

Contribution by Jenny Holt

Celebrating With Class: The Best Wine For Any Occasion
Celebrating With Class: The Best Wine For Any Occasion

Science has determined that every drink conveys a message. According to the Social Issues Research Centre, humans relate different types of drinks to a number of different cultural representations of society, and wine is associated with celebration. Therefore, if you’re looking to celebrate a major milestone in your life, the best way to do it is through the gift of wine. The Niagara region is full of many different delicious wines, so check out a wine tour for your next celebration and be sure to find one of these wines that are scientifically proven to set the mood.

Contribution by Jenny Holt

Celebrate the Holidays with a Wine Tour!
Bring in some Holiday Cheer with the Perfect Wine

When you were little, you remember the days leading up to Christmas. You baked cookies with your parents in the hopes that old Saint Nicholas would bring some holiday cheer. When you woke up, the cookies would be gone and you would find glorious presents under the tree and a giant smile on your face. Well, as you grow older, you experience Christmas a little different. Now, you’re the one preparing for the holiday, wrapping presents for family and friends, and making sure everyone’s checking their list and checking it twice. So, how do you celebrate your hard work? Why not trade in the milk for some delicious wine?

Contribution by Jenny Holt

Niagara Icewine!
Icewine season is fast approaching! Check out our latest Blog for a little info on all things Icewine along with our favourite ways to incorporate it into your life!

Good wine comes from a very natural origin and so it’s predictable that, when imbibed in responsible levels, it would have health benefits. Science buffs across the country are well aware of this and as a result, the Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health recommend up to 5 ounces of wine a day can be beneficial to your health. Many of these benefits are related to the action of wine in relation to your heart, the level of antioxidants in your blood and happiness.

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