The past few months have been tough for everyone!  Families, Friends, and Small Businesses alike.  We have created a safe environment to welcome you back to visit us here in Niagara on the Lake....


Are you still operating Wine Tours?



We truly appreciate our guests support during this time, please note that reservations can still be made for the 2021 Spring/Summer Season (From May 1st onwards), and also Gift Certificates can still be purchased on our website for that perfect Special Occasion Gift!


How will Grape Escape be promoting safety in 2021?

  • Waiver Forms - ALL Guests will be sent a Waiver Form to complete prior to your tour date.  The waiver must be completed by all members of your group in order to join the tour.  We are taking this precaution for the safety of all Staff, other Guests, and also the Winery and Restaurant Staff.
  • Temperature Checks - ALL of our Tour Guides AND Guests will be given a Touchless Temperature Check prior to the tour and anyone displaying signs of a fever will not be permitted to proceed with the tour and a refund will be provided.
  • Masks - Our Tour Guides will all be wearing masks whilst driving your vehicles, and anywhere deemed appropriate based on current federal and provincial guidelines.  All Guests will be required to wear masks whilst on board a Grape Escape Vehicle travelling between wineries.  The Niagara Region has now also mandated that masks must be work when entering any indoor spaces, you will be required to wear a mask as you enter any indoor tasting rooms until you begin your wine tasting.  Please bring your own masks if possible, they will be provided by us if needed.
  • Hand Sanitizing - Our guides will be carrying Hand Sanitizer and will use it frequently.  We will also request that all guests use Hand Sanitizer when requested by your Tour Guide (prior to entering each winery stop).  Also, our guides would always usually carry your wine out to the vehicle if you make any purchases, we feel this season it will be prudent to have guests carry their own wine to the vehicle and place it in a box that will be prepared for your group in advance.
  • Bicycle Helmets - We will continue to offer Bicycle Helmets as part of the tour price have always and will continue to thoroughly sanitize the helmets after use.  We will however strongly encourage guests to bring their own bicycle helmet to use.
  • Social Distancing - We require that all guests wherever possible maintain social distancing between social "bubbles", if you are booking for less than 10 people you will be travelling with other guests between wineries, and have the same server at each of the winery stops (this is where it is most crucial to apply Social Distancing procedures)

What is different about tours?

Due to a number of changes put in place at the wineries themselves our tours have changed slightly from our usual practice;

  • We no longer offer Cheese, Charcuterie, or Food Pairings at any of the wineries as the restrictions on providing food, and the ability to do it safely has reduced due to COVID-19.
  • We are now allowing additional time between wineries so ensure that we hit our reserved time slot at wach stop as the wineries have more restrictions on how many people can be on site at any one time, your guide will advise you of the schedule on arrival at each winery.
  • Group Sizes are between 4-10 people daily, instead of 12-16 people, this means a more personal experience during the day.  We can no longer accommodate groups of more than 10 guests without splitting into smaller groups and taking different routes between wineries.

How Often do you Clean & Sanitize the Vehicles?

Our Standard Practice has always been to Power Wash the exterior, Vacuum, and Polish the interior trim daily.  We have updated our cleaning and sanitizing procedure to include;

  • Hard surfaces in all vehicles to be sanitized daily prior to Tour Departure.
  • Soft surfaces in all vehicles will be disinfected with spray bottles.
  • Vehicle Handles will be sanitized after each use at each locations throughout the day.

Do you Sanitize the Hand Grips on the Bicycles?

We have always maintained a first class fleet of bicycles and pride ourselves in ensuring that they are always clean for each days tours.  Extra care and attention will be taken for the coming weeks/months to ensure that the hand grips will be sanitized after each use.

Do you and the wineries have handwashing stations?

We do have two handwashing sinks in our main HQ and all of the wineries do have washrooms for handwashing.

Can I book a Private Tour for just me and my group?

We do offer Private Tours and will be offering Special Discounts in the short-term, you can request a Private Tour quote by CLICKING HERE to complete a short survey to provide the information we need to send you a Custom Tour Quote

If we book a tour for the summer how many people will I be on Tour with?

All Tour Groups will be kept to the smallest size possible to allow for Social Distancing guidelines to be met.  Currently group sizes will be between 4 - 10 people.

Are there lots of people at the locations you visit?

The wineries have historically been busy on Saturdays, whilst other days of the week are usually much quieter.  There is a signiciant reduction in guests travelling, along with limited numbers being allowed in the wineries at any one time.

I have a tour booked and it looks unlikely that we can make it

Understandably things are very uncertain at the moment, if you have a tour booked and you and your group feel that you would like to make changes to your tour, we have the following options available;

  • Keep the tour as scheduled for now,
  • Place the tour on hold to be rescheduled in the next 2 years,
  • Reschedule for another date if you already have a new date selected
  • Convert the tour into One Gift Certificate or Multiple Gift Certificates to give as Birthday or Christmas Gifts

We do not want anyone to lose their money and will ensure that we do everything we can to provide as many options as possible to allow you to use the funds that have been pre-paid.

We would like to book a tour but are concerned that if we have to cancel we will lose our money and have to pay the cancellation fee?

If we are unable to provide the service we promised when you made the reservation your tour will be 100% refundable!  You are also able to select an "Add-On" of Cancellation insurance for $6 per person which provides for a Full Refund should you cancel with 72 hours notice or more.


Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Essentially we are looking to make every effort possible to provide a safe environment for you to join us on one of our tours this season.  If you are well and healthy and enjoy visiting Niagara Wine Country we would love to see you on one of our tours.

    This is a great time to look to book one of our Bicycle Tours for the Summer & enjoy riding along country trails & lanes in the beautiful landscape of the countryside.